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The Co-Active Model

One of the models which informs my coaching is the CTI Co-active model. It is not just about coaching. It can be used for organisations, teams, projects, self-development, education and a thousand other realms where insightful and empowered relationship can have dramatic and invigorating effects.

The 4 Cornerstones of the Co-Active Model

 The 5 Contexts

  1. Profound Curiosity about exactly what is happening and what is important; rather than judgments and opinions.
  2. Listening, focused directly on the other person and also on the wider field of emotion and environment. 
  3. Intuition, the use of innate, inner wisdom and experience, often expressed directly through the body. 
  4. Capacity to Forward the Action, without which nothing changes, while Deepening the Learning, to increase awareness, self-knowledge, capacity and resilience. 
  5. Self-Management, which allows us to drop opinions, judgments and evaluations in order to remain in powerful contact and communication.

The Designed Alliance

Those five contexts are supported by a Designed Alliance, which is an explicit and constantly refreshed set of agreements about how a relationship is built and what that relationship requires.

The 3 Principles

  1. Fulfilment is about vision and values, and the exploration and implementation of what brings us alive and what makes us sing. 
  2. Balance is about exploring how we see each and every situation; about exploring other perspectives and then choosing a powerful perspective that will encourage and enable action. 
  3. Finally, the principle of Process allows us to be with the full range of our emotions, both joyful and sad, peaceful and angry so that we have the capacity to be resilient and alive no matter what our circumstances.

About me
I am an independent leadership coach and coach facilitator who coaches leaders of change in public and private organisations. I support and challenge individuals and organisations to grow through reflection, learning and action.

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