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‘Jan is an amazing individual, if you have the opportunity to work with her grab it with both hands.’ Gary Groom, Interim Principal, Newcastle College

'Jan is a genuine, skilful and deeply committed coach, drawing as she does on academic, ethical, artistic and philosophical teachings. Her ability to flex to meet my developmental needs with great sensitivity to my capacity and resilience has made for a deep, open and meaningful coaching relationship.' Dr Brian Robson, Executive Clinical Director, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

‘Jan’s highly professional approach manages to capture the balance between a space that is safe and supportive and a space that offers challenge and is solution focused.’  Hugh Masters, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government

'Thank you, Jan, for a fun, joyful and interesting journey. It has been a very different of communication – compared to what we are used to. 

We have learned that we can have different perspectives and it’s ok and that our relationship needs a balance between simplicity and complexity. We've also learned that we have common values and are stronger and more powerful together. Thanks to Jan's coaching, we now know that we need to nourish the small and the big world!' Agna & Konrad, Denmark

'Jan can very quickly work with you to identify what the issues are and to challenge your thinking where necessary. She makes you sit back and reflect on your own behaviour and the impact this has had on given situations. She also helps you to identify perceived problems and impact on self to overcome them.' FE College Principal and CEO

'Jan has great chemistry, authenticity and integrity. She is highly qualified with a large range of theories to draw on, and she's generous with sharing her knowledge.' Pauline Howie, CEO Scottish Ambulance Service

'I was able to develop a trusting relationship with Jan in the first telephone session. She was empathic, genuine and very skilled.' Bill Troup, Head of Mental Health, Angus CHP

'Jan has a very open, engaging and client focused approach. She has supported me in thinking differently, which has enabled me to develop a more flexible leadership approach.' Professor Marion Bennie, Chief Pharmaceutical Adviser, National Services Scotland

'Jan is a gifted coach, with the ability to develop trust and confidence. She supported me in gaining clarity of my thinking on key issues and challenges.' Calum Campbell, Chief Executive, NHS Borders 

'As a coach, Jan has always seen the real me behind the mask and encourages me at every turn to live up to my deeply held beliefs and be my best self. With Jan I can be both my best and worst self with no fear of judgement or feeling foolish. Altogether, she is a GREAT coach.' Tilla Brook, Organisational & Change Team, Leeds Teaching Hospital’s Trust

'Jan got me back in touch with my values and what makes me ‘tick’ and what is important to me. I got to understand what being a reflective practitioner is all about, not by reading about it but by doing it.' Rob Worrall, Programme Director, National School of Government

'Jan is a great combination of compassion, clarity and strength. What I really liked about Jan's style was her absolute positive regard and natural curiosity about me.' Chris Reed, Assistant Director Operations, Four Housing Group

'Jan showed great empathy and insight. She took time understanding my issues and personality and building trust. She challenged my ways of thinking and gave me a variety of tools and techniques – often taking me out of my comfort zone, to improve my confidence and presentational skills.' Florence Lea, Client Relations Director, Child Support Agency

'Many thanks, Jan, for your inspirational leadership. I guess the question on my lips is what are you going to shake up and shape up next? Whatever it is, no doubt it will be cutting edge and create an impact on people's lives: it is what you do best.' Joss Kang, Regional Coaching Contact, East Midlands

About me
I am an independent leadership coach and coach facilitator who coaches leaders of change in public and private organisations. I support and challenge individuals and organisations to grow through reflection, learning and action.

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